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About Our Boat

We bought a 1997 custom built Simpson 13.7M catamaran. It is cedar wood core overlayed with epoxy fiberglass. We are changing out the diesel motors to Oceanvolt electric motors and the diesel tank to Cleantron lithium batteries.

The inside is beautiful and very nice. The outside needs a makeover, but nothing that some good old elbow grease (and a good random orbital sander) won't fix!


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Getting this party started!

Well, here we are. A couple of years ago we decided to buy a bluewater sailboat and sail wherever we want. We had a plan. A five year plan. We still do, it's just changed a bit. Originally we were going to spend five years learning about sailboats and trying them out during various vacations to decide 'the perfect' boat for us. Surprise, surprise! We found an older boat almost right away. It's a long story that most of you have heard us tell. Maybe one day we will post about it. Fast forward to now - August 2021. We've had the boat out on 'the hard' in the boatyard, working on removing 25 years of old bottom paint plus converting her over to 100% electric! We are totally committed to 'splashing' (getting this boat in the water) by October this year so we don't have to pay for another year on the hard. Plus, since the boatyard we are in is likely going to be sold soon, we aren't even sure we would be allowed to stay another y

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We are so very very grateful we got those four coats of paint on last week! We basically had three nearly perfect days for painting. Hot and humid, but nearly perfect for our job. This week, Hurricane Ida remnants would have made that job much harder for us. That's not to say we are suffering any hardship from Ida, and our love and prayers are with those working hard to recover from her wrath, especially those who have experienced loss. We are forever grateful for and amazed by the many who sacrifice and work tirelessly to clean up and help others recover. Thank you all who serve like this. ❤️ We have been at this marina and boatyard, Georgetown Yacht Basin, for just over a year. We've seen some high tides while here, but nothing that covered the docks. And when we were at the US Sailboat Show in 2019 in Annapolis, due to a supermoon tide and strong and steady offshore winds, Annapolis and the surrounding area experienced a super tide that left us wading thr

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Wow, Wow, Wow! Friday was quite a day for us! Yes, you are seeing that right. WE ARE IN THE WATER!! Before you ask, however, no - that doesn't mean everything is done and we can now just travel anywhere we want. Not by a long shot! We have the electric motor and saildrive mounted - with no leaks! but there is still a lot to do to get them all wired up, controllers, monitors, and charging inverters connected, throttles mounted and connected, etc. That's definitely the priority now. But, first let me share the amazing holy-smokes wait-what experience that was Friday! In my last post I talked about the sudden decision to go into the water the next day and our late late night scramble to get everything ready for that. They told us they would be ready about 9 am to come move us down to the water. So, after a very few hours of not the most restful sleep, we got up at 6 to keep getting things ready. I still had to move all the stuff I lifted up to the back deck and g